Axis & Allies Online is the official computerized and online version of Axis & Allies. It is based on the Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition rules and will be released in early 2019. It is developed by Beamdog, a video game development company out of Alberta, Canada who has re-leased and updated titles like Baldur’s Gate.

The game play will feature “asynchronous” play. You play the game in regular turn order one power at a time: USSR, Germany, UK, Japan, and USA. However, to speed up games, “asynchronous” means that defenders do not chose their casualties. Instead a set “order of loss” is used to determine which casualties are taken first. At the time of writing order-of-loss is set to be lowest IPC value first. Furthermore, at the time of writing, defending subs will not be able to submerge.

Axis & Allies Online will be available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux for $19.99 USD via Steam.



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