Axis Strategy Guide for D-Day

If you have played Axis and Allies D-Day before you probably suffered or gloried in an Axis Victory before due to first-time-played-syndrome. I lost horribly the first time I played as the Allies because I didn’t know how to structure my attack around the Fighter advantage. But after 2 or 3 plays the game play started to change; Allied Forces gained dominance of the “Cherbourg” Sector; Air Power was allocated properly; and Blockhouse threats were removed faster then a Grognard breaking out a counter sheet on Christmas Day.


Allied Strategy for D-Day

If you opened up your game of D-Day, read the rules, sat down at the table, and have only known Diet Soda, Pretzels, and IPC’s for the last 20 years, then it might be a good idea to understand how to manage the new structures. If you need a review to get a well rounded understanding of some of the most important changes then read my D-Day review posted here at axisandallies.org.