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Axis & Allies Miniatures is a collectible and historical miniatures game whose setting is World War II. This page lists the sections of this website that are dedicated to Axis & Allies Miniatures followed by a bried summary about the game itself.

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About Axis & Allies Miniatures

Axis & Allies Miniatures is a table top tactical game that is played on hexagonal maps. The scope of the game is that of a battle or a skirmish. Each unit in the game has a point cost associated with it and before the game is played the players determine how many points they will use, usually 100 points. The object of the game is usually to capture and hold an objective on the map until a certain number of turns have been completed. The objective, however, is flexible and any number of other scenarios can be played.

The game rules are very simple and it is easy to learn how to play your first game. It is not bogged down by complicated rules. One especially, compelling game mechanic is the concept of simultaneous battle (the only similarity to the classic boardgame). It many miniatures games a group of units will approach and destroy an opposing unit and that destroyed unit is removed immediately. In A&A Miniatures, the detroyed units are removed not immediately but instead at the end of the turn. This gives the destroyed units a chance to return fire to their attackers.

Although the game is collectible, if you are patient, you can play this game on a budget. All it requires is a little research as to what units you want and need and acquiring those units directly on eBay. The newest units always cost the most but if you wait some time the prices do go down significantly for most pieces.