More exciting news from the Axis & Allies world is here! Renegade is acting on their promise to listen to the community and provide the the games and accessory we want with two big announcements.

First, with over 1000 votes, the results for the Axis & Allies Pick the Battle Vote are in and the winner is North Africa. Now that the choice is set, game designers and artists will get started and the game will release sometime in 2024. Hopefully it will be in time for Gen Con 2024, but if a quality product requires more time, I’m sure we will be happy to wait.

Next, for a limited time Renegade will be selling pre-orders for a giant Axis & Allies 1940 Global neoprene map. The map is 20% larger than the out of the box board with stitched edges. In the Renegade Con Virtual: Just Wait Special Edition video, Scott Gaeta said it came about “because [Renegade] would like something like this for conventions … [and] other people would probably like to have this thing too.” And with that we now have an official Global rollup map. It’s available for pre-order now and can be shipped or picked up at Gen Con in August.

The photos below give you an idea just how big the map will be.