Avalon Hill Announces 50th Anniversary Line-Up

February 27, 2008 (Renton, Wash.) –
Wizards of the Coast is celebrating Avalon Hill’s 50 years of great conquests in strategy gaming with a line-up that has fans excited like
never before. Avalon Hill is bringing back two classic titles in DIPLOMACY and ACQUIRE to start off the year, and the season will
wrap-up with an Anniversary Edition of AXIS & ALLIES® that every fan will want to have.


2008 Spring Gathering VI, Cincinnati, Ohio is here

Greetings AA Gamers,
It is my pleasure to bring you the latest and greatest information regarding the 2008 Spring Gathering VI in
Cincinnati, Ohio (SGVI). The dates have been confirmed, April 11 & 12, the Smoreyswamp is up and registration is now open. Please note a
few big, BIG changes this year. The biggest of all is that we will be having scheduled events i.e. (demos, casual play and a few tournaments)
that one can register for. Please note that all these events are subject to availability.


Axis & Allies Miniatures North Africa: Spoiler List of Units

If you want to be suprised, then don’t read this article. The following is a spoiler list of the units that will be in the upcoming Axis & Allies Miniatures Northa Africa: 1940 – 1943 set, which will be released on March 28, 2008. If you interested in the official peviews, then you can visit the Avalon Hill site with the following 6 links to the Opening Salvo previews, otherwise scroll past the links for the complete list:


Japan Basics for Revised

In order to go through some of Japan’s basic moves I’m going to have to make some assumptions since there are quite a lot of variations they can see due to the play out of R1 thru UK 1. So I’ll assume any bid went to Germany, Russia attacked some combination of Wrus, Belo or Ukr, Germany took Egy, cleared out the Med of all Allied ships, and countered what it could in Europe, while the UK landed in Alg, countered Egy (or setup up an Afr counter in Rd 2).