Over the past few weeks you may have noticed a few new banners on the site for a store called Field Marshal Games. Today I would like to announce that Field Marshal Games is now an Official Sponsor of Axis and Allies.org. Field Marshal Games is the only online game store with a strong dedication to the Axis & Allies game player community. This is seen in not only the A&A game offerings but also with the unique and exclusive World War II themed game accessories that can be used with your Axis & Allies games.

The following is description of Field Marshal Games from the company themselves: read more

Field Marshal Games was started by two hardcore AAA gamers; Jeremy and Aaron as a labor of love at first. We are crazy about strategy gaming and decided we wanted to create a company for gamers like us. FMG is not only an on-line store and source for great games like so many out there, FMG is a part of the gaming community. We created our company around this philosophy as a company by gamers, for gamers. The sole aim of Field Marshal Games is to create great accessories for our favorite games and share them with the community. With the 2008 release of COMBAT DICE, we began our campaign to “Conquer the world, one table at a time”.

Have you ever played your favorite strategy game and said “wouldn’t this be cool if…….” ? Well so have we…. FMG is committed to creating new and exciting games, expansions and accessories for our favorite games. Being Board game Geeks we wanted to expand our game playing with professionally made expansions for ourselves and quickly realized there would be those in the community that would also enjoy these same things. Axis & Allies being by far our greatest hobby, we created and released COMBAT DICE in 2008. For another favorite of ours, The Settlers of Catan… we released CONNECT HEX in 2009. We have big plans for 2010 with the release of COMBAT UNITS, and COMBAT CHIPS for Axis & Allies games… and many more at work in our game lab.. At the end of the day, if we sold just enough expansions to cover the cost of production so we could have it on our game table… bonus! Sharing these expansions with the greater gaming community and sharing the excitement is reward in itself.

As part of the Axis & Allies community our dream was to be a part of our favorite stomping ground, AxisandAllies.org. We are proud to sponsor the number 1 Fan site in the world and bring the experience and insights of its members into our inner circle. We are thankful for the support we have found here and all the great ideas and opinions shared by its members in the pursuit of even cooler AAA swag!