For the past several months a group of members on the forums have been hard at work designing a new variant of Axis & Allies Revised complete with new rules, an alternative map, and new country setup cards.

From the forward to the rules, “This variant is intended to provide historical realism to the board game Axis and Allies Revised and is designed to work on top of LHTR 1.3 (Larry Harris Tournament Rules). All other rules issues not covered in this variant are addressed under LHTR.”


Contributors (in alphabetical order):

Admiral_Thrawn Gen AlexanderPatch Imperious Leader
Admiral_Yamamoto HMS Onslow Rawdawg
Adonai Jennifer Tekkyy
B. Andersson, Game Master Lynxes The Duke
DasReich Micoom Trihero
Guerilla Guy Ncscswitch

Graphics and player aids

Imperious Leader