On July 26, 2007 the Larry Harris Tournament Rules version 2.0 were released. LHTR 2.0 are a set off rules for Axis & Allies Revised that are commonly used in tournaments and other game play. The rules were created by Larry Harris, the creator of Axis & Allies and has additionally been worked on by several players and tournament game masters. The objective of the LHTR rules are to calrify existing rules and re-work other rules to help game balance while still maintaining the spirit of the game.

The work continues at Larry’s own site Harris Game Design. The current version is 2.0 and has been available since July 2007. The PDF file of these rules is available here at Axis and Allies.org (see below).

The previously used version of these rules was LHTR verison 1.3.

Attachment: AAR_LHTR_v2.0.pdf