Last week Avalon Hill published two stories by Nate Heiss, a developer of the Axis & Allies Guadalcanal. The first article, Guadalcanal Developer’s Notes Part 1, is an introduction of the Guadalcanal game. The second article, Guadalcanal Developer’s Notes part 2, goes over the details of the battle box (which we reported about a few weeks earlier). Finally, it is important to at least read the end of both stories because there are rules errata for the game. For your convenience the rules errata is listed below.

The rules errata is as follows:

"The rulebook states that players get 5 reinforcement points, plus 2 per
island they control. This is incorrect due to an error in the rulebook.
The correct reinforcement scheme is that each player gets 10
reinforcement, plus 4 per island they control. The game is playable
either way, but Avalon Hill recommends playing the correct way (10 and
4 per)."

from Avalon Hill