• Hey all.  New to the forum.  I played A&A a long time ago when I was in the Military.  Haven’t played in about 10 years.  I got invited to play a “Double Blind” game of the Anniversary edition.  Double Blind made the game MUCH more interesting.

    Just curious if anyone else has played this and what they think??


  • How does that work?  Please describe in some detail if possible.
    Off hand, it sounds like it would be very difficult to keep track of…

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Just don’t leave your capital unprotected! :p LOL.

    And the advantage goes to he who knows the gameboard most!

    Some questions,

    1 Did you get to see your opponents buys/technology?

    2 was there a referee?

    3 could you take notes on enemy troop movements?

    4 how did you deal with naval manuevers? like if a destroyer blocked someone, was your move cancelled? did you fight? or was that a legitmate way to probe the sea?

    5 did fighters/bombers reserve the right to probe ahead and see enemy units instead of attacking?

    6 could you see into territories/zones adjacent to your own?

  • I’ll describe as best as possible.  First a foremost, YES there is a referee.  That is crucial.

    Other answers

    1. No.  You couldn’t see buys and tech until they are used.

    2. Yes.  Referee

    3. Yes.  You position where you THINK they are.  When it YOUR turn, you are allowed to RECON adjacent countries.  You can alos air RECON once as well.  The enemy only has to tell you troops and armor and factories.

    4. Naval movement in the Anniversary Edition are all Combat moves.  If you move your ship to a location where an enemy ship is, COMBAT.  Happened in the last game we played where the Italians moved 4 transports into an area with a Battleship.  Blood bath.

    5. Fighters were allowed to AIR RECON once before COMBAT Moves.  You can also purchase a SPY PLANE.

    6. You can RECON adjacent areas.  Enemy only has to tell you troops and armor and factories.

    It is a TON of fun.


  • Playing again this weekend.  I’ll take some pictures of the board setup.  I have downloaded and printed a 39"x119" double map from Imperious Leaders map selection.  It’s frickin’ huge.


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