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    So let me get this straight then:

    Because there are now Destroyers AND Cruisers, the setup is pretty much the same as before except:

    Japan SZ 50 is now a Cruiser

    Germany SZ 5 is now a Destroyer (nerf)

    UK SZ 35 is now a Cruiser
    UK SZ 15 is now a Destroyer

    USA SZ 20 is now a Destroyer (nerf)
    USA SZ 10 is now a Cruiser (also a nerf, it may have same a/d as before, but now it doesn’t have anti-sub capabilities, so, Germany has 50% chance of destroying your cruiser and both transports turn 1)

    UK SZ 13 is now a Cruiser instead of Battleship (big nerf)
    Russia SZ 4 is still a Submarine (minor nerf)

    AA50 Rules for Naval Combat and AA50 Navy Prices
    Transports taken last as casualties, no defensive rolls.
    (big nerf for allies)

    No more Tech / is Optional
    (less randomness, yay!)

    I am disappointed that larry did not move the Germany Submarine from sz8 to sz7.  Whereas before, there was no point in the German submarine attacking SZ10 because the american destroyer negated it’s first strike, defended on 3, and had two transports defending at 1 that could be taken as casualties (meaning that the most he could hope for was a 40% chance of killing 1 transport before dying), now the German navy has a 50% chance of killing a Cruiser and two Transports AND living to tell the tale (and a 50% chance of doing nothing).  This to me is an unacceptable increase in the luck of the game, providing either a huge swing for Germany, or a small / negligible setback.  [my math is correct: 2/6 chance of killing with first strike, followed by a 3/6 * 4/6 chance of dying to the cruiser, followed by a 2/6 * 2/6 chance of killing the cruiser and transports, followed by a etc. etc. = sum of (1/3)^n with n from 1 to infinity = 50%]
    So, huge Nerf for the UK and USA.  They lose the protection of ‘killer fleet transports,’ have a 50% chance of losing the American Atlantic Navy, and also have a huge nerf in the Med with the loss of a Battleship and the downgrading of the 3/3 to a 2/2.  This means the germans get to have big fun in the Med and Africa, and also that they will lose 1 less german fighter on their first turn.  They will lose their Baltic Destroyer and Transport much easier, but their subs will survive to do some damage against the Allies.  With proper positioning of their airforce first turn, the Allies will not be able to land in Europe or Africa on their first turn.  Germany is now able to kill the Allied Navy and Transports much much easier, because Russia’s submarine and the allied transports can not shoot back or be taken as casualties against the German airforce.

    Germany +
    UK –
    USA –

    I should add that I think the nerfing is just fine.  I tried to make it sound matter of fact style but it may have come off as complaining.  Yes, Germany benefits from the changes, and the UK and USA are hurt a bunch by them, BUT I think that is just fine, perfectly ok, and probably makes this game more balanced than revised, yay!  (the only thing I can complain about is the submarine in sz8, when it should be in sz7)

  • the AA1942 changes do a lot to the game

    auto-die transport is bad for UK/US landings
    but air raids against navy is more expensive now isn’t it?

    cheaper transport is good for Japan

    new SBR effectively limits damage 2x territory value accumulating
    previously Germany had a hard time taking damage up to 3x territory value per round

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    I think there are some things missing from the list. Is there an official description of the differences? Am I mistaken but are there not some tweaks to the map as well?

  • Official Q&A

    There is no official description of the differences.  There were some minor changes to the map.  Did you ever get your review copy?

  • @Krieghund:

    There were some minor changes to the map

    But they have big impact: Perry Channel is frozen so you cannot land guys from Japan to Wcan. Also, CUsa doesn’t limit with WCan. Both things kill Polar Express strat, the Revised counter against KGF fanboys

    I think AA42 has almost zero playtesting. For that and for the reasons Vegryn said. They simply copy-pasted Revised setup and map with some tweaks they thought those changes had not much impact. But both setup and map changes, with AA50 rules as combo, make a great difference

    I wonder why they didn’t put a IC at India at once. Even a Sinkiang IC maybe

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Yes, I received it while I was on vacation. It came to the office on the 14th, just 4 days before release.

    It is released isn’t it? I haven’t been to my FLGS to find out.


    There is no official description of the differences.  There were some minor changes to the map.  Did you ever get your review copy?

  • Official Q&A


    I think AA42 has almost zero playtesting.

    I can’t say.  I wasn’t involved in the playtesting.

  • Official Q&A


    It is released isn’t it? I haven’t been to my FLGS to find out.

    Yes.  It’s been out for nearly a week now.

  • Hey folks,just got my copys of aa42,opened 1 box and checked it out.The map is cool,i havn’t checked out the piecies yet.Hopefully i’ll beable to get a game going this weekend.I liked the rules from aa50 so i’m hopin this is just a scaled down version of aa50.

  • there are no AA1942 rulebook pdf for the public yet right?

    how long after release did the AAR rulebook pdf appear?

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Is Western Canada adjacent to Sea Zone 1 again? It looks like it to me but do the rules call it out?

  • Official Q&A

    No.  It’ll be in the FAQ (again).  :roll:

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Anything else important that will be in the FAQ? I’m thinking highlights or other oversights I might miss. I haven’t even read the rules fully. It all seems the same.

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