Two house rules we used to play Classic by

  • This is what I mentioned in my post below about my house rules.  So many found memories playing the game.  I made many modifications and forced my friends to play test them.  We had many extra units that cost more than the basics so I always thought there had to be a way to still buy the extravagant units while getting the basic grunt pieces you always need.  Thus Auto-Buy was born…my friends and I would chant Auto-Buy, Auto-Buy, 1-800-Auto-Buy!

    So when your turn starts before you buy new units, you roll one die.  Compare the results on the chart below and add the results with your newly purchased units

    1–6 Inf
    2–5 Inf + 1 Tank
    3–4 Inf
    4–4 Inf
    5–5 Inf + 2 Tanks
    6–6 Inf

    My friends and I used to play with 8 sided dice, but this is the gist with a 6 sided die

    Capital Surplus

    After your turn if you own at least one capital city (we played classic map) roll one die, a result of 3 or less will earn you one piece off the chart.  If you want to risk that piece then you can go for the upgrade.  Roll one die, if you get a 2 or less then you get the upgrade!  Choose any piece on the upgrade chart and place the unit(s) in your capital at the end of your turn.  If you miss the roll then you forfeit the piece you just won.

    Regular Chart

    1–4 Inf
    2–2 Tanks
    4–Sub or Transport
    5-- 6 IPC’s

    Upgrade chart

    1–8 Inf
    2–4 tanks
    4–Carrier or Battleship
    5–12 IPC’s
    6–2 cards

    I made an accessory called the Cards of War.  You could get an extra one or two with a successful Capital Surplus roll.

    So those were two fundamental rules that my friends and I used to play by.  So many fun games, but I haven’t rolled the dice in a few years.  What do you think?

  • @Bonus_Bonus:

    I made many modifications and forced my friends to play test them.

    regarding getting friends to playtest
    creating theme depending on your friends tastes would make house rules more attractive

    I made an accessory called the Cards of War.

    by the way what were the cards of war?

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