Rail Station 3d unit and house rules

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    Each Nation may move up to 2 ground units from one rail station to another during the non-combat movement phase.  An uninterrupted line of controlled territories must connect rail stations.  Only units that have not moved during other phase may use rail.  Units may not move prior to, or after using rail.

    -may be built in non-factory territories
    -may destroy own rail station
    -may be strategically bombed and destroyed
    -stations need to be connected by rail road markers, marker per territory cost 1ipc.
    -may be captured
    -cost 12ipc

    two sizes in rail stations pictured.  I have these on my shapeways store. 

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    Does your house require 2 purchases of 12 IPCs…or does one purchase constitute a start and stop point.

    I only really see this benefiting Russia in Global 40 as a way to get those 18 infantry / 2 AAA guns back to Moscow real quick.

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    (1) payment of (12) or two of (6).

    -Japan uses them with the vast territory of China and Russia
    -Germany to the front line in Russia
    -Germany to Southern Itlay for transport to Africa
    -UK, South Africa to Egypt

    If you play with any of the varients, that have more territory , these can be more useful

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