• I only build 2 IC’s in Japan is too heavily pressed navally for 3-4 transports to survive right then. (Say, British ran all over the place, took Borneo, and have a lot of ships in attack range that it’s impractical for Japan to wipe them all).

    IC’s without AA are also vulnerable to UK, later US strategic bombing ‘for free’ (1,2,3,3,3,3 averages 2.5 IPC damage, better than 3.5*5/6 = 2.92 vs Germany with a 15/6 = 2.5 IPC risk of losing bomber). Only later can Japan have a 3-area-deep conquest for them to be safe.

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    I’ll build two Japanese Industrials on the Mainland in one of two situations:

    1. Most Likely - I expect a Kill Japan First allied strategy.  Either because of National Advantages selected, or because of previous experience with the person or because of how Russia and England developed their turns or all of the above.  In this case, I cannot expect to have transports and surface ships available for moving units from Mainland China to the Asian sea board, so the complexes are worth their weight in gold.

    2. Least Likely - I plan to engage in a Kill America first strategy.  Again, I won’t have transports and surface ships to protect them for long, so I’ll need the complexes eventually.

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