• My friends and I just started playing Axis and Allies the other day for the first time and I believe we largely have a grip on it. However in our second game, my USA friend placed an IC and some tanks at the exact same time in the USA territory next to China, I believe this was on his first turn.  Needless to say I think it messed up the way the game should have gone and eventually led to the Axis defeat (We also forgot another important rule but I won’t get into that).

    Anyway, I looked up in the rule book to clarify this but there was no real clarification that I could find. Is that legal? I think you have to place the IC, then hold it for an entire turn, THEN you can build units there. Is that correct?

  • You can build an IC in any territory you control at the start of your turn.

    You cannot place ANY additional units at that IC until the following turn.

    You cannot produce more units at an IC than the territory it is in has IPC value

    So Sinkiang can produce only 2 units, and it can do so starting on the turn after the IC is built.

  • Roger that. It’s what I thought.


  • I have another couple of questions if anyone cares to answer:

    1.)  If I have a Fighter or Bomber and attack a non-submerged Submarine, the Fighter and\or Bomber (s) get free hits on the submarine because submarines cannot attack back, correct?

    2.)  If I submerge a submarine, does it stay submerged until I bring it up or a enemy destroyer moves into its territory? I was a bit confused on this.

    Any help is appreciated.

    1. Submarine have to face a round of fire from the attacking aircraft, then, if it has not been hit, at the end of the round it can submerge.

    2. All Submerged submarines resurface at the end of the turn of the power in which turn they had been submerged. Example: UK aircraft attack a German submarine and miss. The German submarine then submerges. The submarine resurfaces at the end of the UK turn.

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