Question about new units in hostile water

  • This is my first post. Hi to everybody and thank you in advance for your consideration. I am an old school Axis and Allies fan and never really bothered with the revised rules and the 50th anniversary until this past year. I love the balance they bring to the game. However, I can’t find the answers to some questions in the rule book or this forum’s search feature. So here goes.

    I know that you can place new units in hostile water. The consequent battle takes place during the opponents’ combat roll phase. My question is the following. For purpose of demonstration: Germany is in Britain’s waters and the UK on their distribution phase places a destroyer in with their pack of subs and destroyers. Is Germany able to, during their combat move phase, move their fleet out of that zone my UK destroyer is in? If not, then combat is forced upon Germany. If that is true, is Germany’s fleet able to move during their non-combat move phase?

    The question arose last night, when I played as UK. Since I could place a destroyer in with the enemy, I could bide more time for my navy to build up forces.

    I hope I placed this question in the right area!

  • Germany must either fight the destroyer or leave the hostile seazone during the German combat move.

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    Welcome, coolhandluke!

    To further clarify, Germany may move out of the sea zone in combat movement even if its ships end up in a friendly sea zone.  Moving to avoid combat in this situation is considered a valid combat move.

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