• Hey, does anyone know anywhere i can get alternet rules or an expanstion for A&AE. I have seen some added realism rules for the original A&A but i didnt find any for A&AE


  • Try looking under
    I’m sure you can find some alternate rules there.

  • Oh kk thanks

  • Sure, no problem.

  • Well, was that enough?

  • Let us know which you like the best.

  • ya trashers site has a lot of stuff his and this one are the only ones I bookmark

  • Other than A&A.org and Dicey, that is the ONLY other A&A website I bookmark.

  • should make new thread, “what A&A sites do you bookmark?”

  • No, not really. :-?

  • already did 🙂

  • Guys i have been playing 3 nights a week for 6 years,and have tinkered with rules,to give a totally new twist on the game.Now bear with me because this is long and kinda extensive.
    1.first thing you do is give each ally 40ipc and each axis 60ipc,they right down on sheet of paper what they are buying and where it goes.it must go on area that nation controls and no buying ic.
    2.each country gets certain bonuses at start these are usa=1 free roll at tech breakthru at begining of their turn. russia=1 inf in russia at start of thier turn ,this unit may be used this turn. japan= a free transport,sub and fighter all in japan at start of game. britain=start out with aa guns that hit on a 1 or a 2 and fighters defend at a 5 this stays for entire game all future units of this type get these bonuses. germany=panzer tanks,germanys tanks cost 6 but get a +1 to all rolls.
    3.get a cup put a marker in it from each country these are drawn out at random each round so that turn order is always changing.
    4.we also play some set rules such as=2 hit battleships,if hit movement cut down buy one and its att is at a -1 / 2 hit carriers, if hit movement cut down by one and only one plane can land on it / aa guns can also be fired at tanks as anti tank guns ie… hit on a 1 one shot per tank, but cannot shoot at planes and tanks same turn must choose which /bombers can drop paratroopers up to 2 inf if bomber shot down inf lost / any added ic built in game ccan produce double the stated amount of country ie… india 6 etc… /

    5.we also play with some diff peices which can be bought or improvised/ mines cost 1 per can be placed on any one border, any ground unit passing over owner of mine will get to roll for each mine a 1 or 2 is a hit and 1 unit of att choice and 1 mine is destroyed/ leader= each country get a leader token who fights as an inf but gets 3 rolls each he only takes one hit though, if captured his country on their next turn must pay 10 ipc to buy him back and he is then placed in capital

    6.ok now here comes the complicated parts 😉

    you will need to get or make some business sized cards, one set will be labeled events the others actions
    ok 1st the events cards card1. write nothing on it 2. again nothing 3. ditto 4.bad weather(no splanes can fly and all ships and tanks can only move 1 spot) 5. fair weather )(all tanks ,planes ,and ships can move 1 extra space) 6.cease fire ( no attacks of any kind can be done this round only movement, buying etc) 7.disease,hunger,frostbite(each country rolls a 12 sided die for each inf unit they have if roll a 12 that unit is removed from game) 8.scientific breakthru(each nation writes down one tech advancement they want this turn at start of round, can be anything but enemy codes(we will discuss this in a sec) 9.rangers ,marines ,ss(each nation turns 3 inf units on their side to represent elite units these units get a +1 to att and def) 10.reshuffle( when this card is drawn all cards in discard pile are shuffled back into draw pile) 11. oil shortage(each nation must roll for every non inf unit if roll a 6 that unit cannot move this turn)(can defend if att though)12.push factory=you can push an ic if roll 1-3 gain 2 tanks roll 4-6 ic dstroyed,or u can decline do either if u choose, but must choose at beginning round.
    one of these cards is drawn at the beginning of each round

    now the action cards 1.gain ally( nation getting this card picks 2 countries he does not want as an ally then numbers neutral countries left he rolls 12 sided die and that country is now his ally, it is worth 2 ipc every turn for whoever owns it and at beginning owner of card rolls 6 sided die 1-4 he gets 2 inf there 5. he gets tank and 2 inf 6. tank fighter and 2 inf.
    2.minefield(owner of this card must place 6 mines on any border he owns at beginning of game, they dont have to be in same spot.

    3.scientist defects(owner of this card immediantly rolls 2 rolls to try get tech advancement)

    4.bombing run(this card can be played at any time(owner of card states he is doing bombing run over certain nation then rolls 6 sided die thats number of bombers flying over ,defender gets to shoot at each one with aa gun, how many ever survive do 1-6 ipc from him

    5.peace talks(can be saved but must be played at beginning of round} by playing this card each nation only gets one att of any kind this round.

    6.food and medicine(can be saved and played at anytime)nation playing this card is immune to hunger ,frostbite ,events or can sell medicine etc for 2-12 ipcs at any time.

    7.oil reserves(can be played at any time)nation playing this card is immune to oil shortage evnt or can sell oil for 23-18 ipcs at any time

    8.do-overs(may be saved) when p[layed will cause turn order to be redrawn

    9.general(may be saved and played at anytime) when played gives that nations inf a +1 to all rolls for that turn(all inf not just ones in that country)

    10.tank commander(may be saved and played at any time) when played gives that nations tanks a +1 to all rolls that turn.

    11.admiral(may be saved and played at anytime)when played gives all ships a +1 to all rolls til end of turn

    12.air marshal(may be saved and played at anytime) when played gives that nations planes a +1 til end of turn

    13.shipyards(must be played at beginning game) place a
    coin under an ic adjacent to sea that complex builds ships at 1 ipc cheaper,also if russia gets this card can sell for 10 ipc.

    14.seawolves(must be played at beginning of game) owner of seawolves at beginning of their turn make one enemy nations lose 1 ipc for every sub that sea wolf nation owns, money doesnt go to sea wolf nation , the other nation just loses it.( if russia gets this card can sell for 10 ipc)

    15.missouri,bismark( must be played at beginning game)place a nickel under one battleship u own this battleship now gets 2 bombardments each round and takes 3 hits, as is hit place a penny under it to show status.(if russia gets card can sell for 10 ipc)

    16.pow camp(roll for random enemy nation who has your pows) that country must write down at start of game where pow camp is, it must be country they own and cant be country that starts with an ic on it.when u or an ally takes the country with pow camp on it you gain 1-5 inf unit in that country.

    17.economic aid(can be saved abd played whenever) by playing this card you can loan or borrow 3-18 ipcs from any agreeing allied country immediantly.

    18.swaparoo(must be played at beginning of game ) you play this card then pick any card in your hand and trade it with any nation even allied one, you cant look at thier cards yo umust just pick one at random from them.

    19.steal cargo(can be played at anytime) when played you steal 2-12 ipcs from any enemy nation.

    20.army reserves(must be played at beginning of game ) place 2 inf units or 1 tank anywhere that u own.

    21. air force reserve(must be played at begining of game) you place fighter on any area u own including carrier.

    22.navel reserve(must be played at beginning game) u may place a sub or transport in any sea area u control

    23. redeploy(must be played at beginning game)you may move one peice to anywhere else u own in game)

    24.maps(can be saved ,when played lets you move up one spot in turn order ie… leap frog up one spot.

    25.intelligence( can be saved and played at anytime) when playing this card defender can retreat all units one spot to allied country touching him,must be played before each combat rolling so u cant fire aa or anti tank guns and then run right away if u fire em u must stay for one round attacks,and if fighting must be played after a attack round is completed,

    26.wild card (this card can be used for any other card , but if u using it for card that must be played at start of game must do so at start of game.

    27.home guard(can be played at anytime) when playin this card gain 1-6 inf units in capital immediantly they stay rest game and can be moved

    28.wheel of fortune( must be played at beginning of game roll at random to see what u gained1. 2 inf 2.2-12 ipc 3. an aa gun
    4.a tank 5.bomber 6. 1-6 mines

    29.wounded duck( must be played at beginning of game ) gain a listed carrier or listed battle ship placed in sea area u control

    whew:) now finally the tech advancements

    1.super subs
    2.heavy bombers
    3.long range ships
    4.long rangr aircraft
    5.ind tech
    6.allies(each turn roll if roll 6 gain random ally ,treat as if ally card)
    7.enemy codes(can move up in turn order 1-3 spots roll1,2 = 1 3,4 =2 etc
    8.espionage(each turn roll if roll 6 steal another countries adv,they keep it as well
    9.heavy ships(can carry 1 more inf)
    10.sonar radar
    11.super fighters

    oh btw on the action cards deal out 5 to each ally nation and 7 to each axis at start of game after purchased units placed

    ok guys sorry that was long and drawn out:( and might seem a lil overwhelming but trust me it works and every game is diff and exciting.
    play balance is pretty even, it just will take awhile to use all diff possibilities ie… additional purchased units at start and then how to play cards and then random turns

    it has taken me years to get all of this together so any comments or questions i would really apreciate.

  • Sounds like a good idea, But a little to complicated. Also, I wonder how long does it take to play a game? I am thinking, about a week!

  • we play alot of 3 person games with one person as allies and one as germans, the other japan. games usually last around 6 hours or so.It sounds alot more complicated than it really is, if overwhelmed then just try some of it.such as random turnd or pregame spending,or just event cards.

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