• i just got finished paying a combined game, and i’ve decided that it’s more fun to just do 1 theater at once. the pacific/europe game was basically just like playing 2 games at once, only one unit moved from india to iran or from pacific to atlantic once in the whole game. i thought it would be alot of fun, but it turns out that it was only OK.

  • Yeah, just get the world one. I find it better integrated. I happen to own two of them (world and Europe) and have easy acces to Pacific, but if we have 5 people we just play the world one. No real point in setting all that up when it really isnt ment to be played like that. Must be REALLY long too.

  • yeah, it took me from 3 o’ clock when i got home to about 10:30, and it wasn’t even done.(victroy was ensured for the axis; i had taken moscow and in the pacific my ally was very close to the VPwin) it was kind of fun, but i think i prefer just europe or just pacific or just original

  • so wut did you do with America? give them 115$?

  • There are rules for it, i thinks its like 80 or something.

  • yeah, we gave america $115

  • holy!! 115? thats amazing!

  • yeah, it was a lot, they basically bought whatever they wanted, but it still wasn’t enough. germany (me) still took moscow and my ally still got the VP win

  • Thats wierd, i wouldve thought America wouldve smashed both the axis int the grond

  • well, america was played by a beginner who had no idea what he was doing ( in the pacific he never bought a single transport to ship men to the japanese occupied IPC rich islands) but in the european theater the english player did the amercian moves (cuz the american player had no idea waht to do)

  • Puppet games are funny 😄

  • yeah, most of my games are like that (except ones i play w/ my dad) b/c i only know 2 people that are actually good at the game, so we usually have a puppet or 2

  • :lol: one puppet player i played with once (he was on the other side) just played with the pieces the whole time while his allies actually did his moves for him lol :lol:

  • I’ve found that AAE and AAP combined is quite a lot of fun, but the way I play has been modified quite a bit:

    -Every chinese territory is worth one, and americas total production is 44.
    -Uks total production is 44
    -Germanys prod. is 40
    -Japan’s prod. is 24 (japan island value increased to 10)
    -Russias prod. is 24
    -India is directly connected to the adjacent middle eastern countries, tsingha is directly connected to the adjacent russian countries
    -Axis goal is to capture two capitols: UK, india, new south wales, EUS, Moscow.
    -Allied goal is to capture germany and japan.

    The game is surprisingly very well balanced, and offers a nice change from normal A and A which gets repetitive. But yeah, setup is a bitch.

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