• Where did that Math thread go?

    Math is one of my biggest interests, and I love talking about it. I didn’t get online much yesterday and it seems to be gone. Did it get deleted? Admins if it got deleted because of any sort of flamewar that developed, feel free to delete this thread and PM me what happened. Otherwise, maybe we could continue the discussion here if it’s gone.

  • I have no knowledge of the math thread being deleted.

    Must be a database error. Feel free to start from where you left off.

  • I have deleted no threads.

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    This one going to be a serious math debate, or are we playing games with math like in the last one?

  • I think math is a wonderful thing!! It helps me to figure out whether I can win a battle. I’m all for it!!!  😄

  • Well, here’s a useful Wikipedia article about Algebra that somewhat relates to the previous thread.

    Note that what most people learn in high school is only considered “Elementary algebra”. I remember as an undergraduate in the Math department being surprised to see that some of the graduate level mathematics classes used textbooks like “Introduction to Algebra” or something like that. The algebra you learn in high school is really only a specific case of an algebra, but the study of algebra involves a lot more interesting things.

    By the way, note how in the examples of Algebras listed in the Wikipedia article how the examples given are specifically stated that multiplication EXCLUDES Zero. This is because as we discussed before, for none of those examples is division by zero defined within that algebraic system. In fact, in most “standard” algebraic systems, the term zero is given for an element which is an additive identity, which often ends up meaning that it will end up being an exception for multiplication, if addition and multiplication correspond at all to their intuitive meanings. There are exceptions of course, but they are usually more bizarre (such as systems where there is more than one zero).

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    Yea, I enjoy math myself, I better, seeings I’m headed for a Master’s Degree in Mathmatics with a secondary emphasis of education. 🙂

    While I’ll agree that in Euclidian Mathmatics one cannot divide by zero, you must understand that there is extensive research being conducted at many universities to prove that the division by zero is possible, and that it only appears undefined because the answer is infinity. (negative 0 would be negative infinity.)

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    Umm… how can you research mathematics? I understand with physics, but otherwise…?

  • its sort-of like philosophy, but formalized with symbols.

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    Umm… how can you research mathematics? I understand with physics, but otherwise…?

    You research it through trial and error, creation of hypothesis, theories, and finally through the creation of codified laws.  It’s just like any other scientifical field, except Mathmatics is almost always 100% right, or 100% wrong.

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