Group Game or 1v1?

  • What kind of game do you like to play better? A group, with multiple people playing one or 2 countries, or an intense one on one battle where you control an entire side? What are the pros and cons of each?


  • It is much more challenging to play in the group scenario. With no central command like in 2 player games, the name of the game really gives it’s meaning…

  • More fun to play group, definatly, problem is getting all 5 people there for long periods of time.

  • With group games, it’s much harder to make mistakes. Plus it relieves the burden placed on a single player.

  • I agree.

  • No doubt for the total experience, group games are an absolute blast. But when the chips are down, and you’re playing seriously, whom can you really trust? The person playing beside you that just chugged down his 5th beer? And with the Allies you are forced to play with total coordination of the part of each nation. What if you can’t get that UK to cooperate with USA to purchasing that much needed aircraft carrier instead concentrating on bombers? Unless I have someone who’s on the wavelength and knows exactly what I’m thinking, I’ll stick to myself.

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