Improved AI for original CD-ROM game?

  • Hey all,

    The AI for the original 1998 CD-ROM of the classic boardgame is an abomination. Some of the things that the computer does just defies reason:

    • A German side enamored with defense and all-infantry builds

    • A Russian side that leaves large armies in place after its capital is taken

    • An American team who’s sole goal is brace for a naval invasion on the east cost

    (it goes on an on…)

    I’ve never failed to win the game at any difficulty for either side, and I am an average player.

    Is there ANY known AI upgrade or mod that someone has written for the original CD-ROM game? Or is the sole value of this game the tweakability of the rules / costs and the online option?


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  • Well, believe it or not, this advise comes from someone who has never played the game, but has read up on it and will play soon.

    1)You could play someone else, not the AI.

    2)I have found no upgrade or patch to fix the problems.

    Anyone else want to comment?

  • You are correct this is no upgrade for the game. Hasbro gave up on even putting out new patchs a few years ago. The game is a great way for someone new to the game to learn, as even though the AI is horrid a newbie can see (hopefully) what it is doing wrong and give someone a basis to form some movement plans. Once you have got the hang of the game it is great for internet matchs if you don’t have anyone local to play with as long as you jump through the hoops of The Zone and the DirectX issues.

  • '19 Moderator

    I have Iron blitz and it allows you to change the alignment of the countries. I find it much more fun though still not a challenge to pick a country and take on the rest of the world.

    Have you seen the commentary by Larry Harris, the designer? I belive it’s on the Iron Blitz CD but I’m not sure. He says somthing about how on the “hard” setting this game will kick your but even if your are a good player. LMAO…

  • i played as the allies, and let russia completely die (ie, edited it so they start with no units, left factories / aa), and i beat the AI.

    i left only 2 capitals as the victory condition.

  • Hasbro, RELEASE THE SOURCE CODE. I myself will do my best to modify the AI to a decent player.

  • Has anyone tried the Philips Media CD+i version of the game? Is it any good? Perhaps we could get the source to that. They seem more likely in my mind, since they never produced it for a huge market like the PC.

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