• I always thought Milton Bradley had favored the Allies ability to win in the game by orders of our Gov’t. To keep moral high and its good propaganda. This is the only way to explain the Allies adantage. Then when the broken move came in –> the UK AC and USA fighters Round 1. It almost always ends in Allies victory. The Axis has to really roll out the dice to win.
    That being said–Yakut is the key to the game. I heard an old gamer say that once and I laughed, until I played the game for what seems like a 100 hour weekend. Japan has got to go through here with the much discussed strategy of “baby steps to Moscow”. Be patient-move men to Manchuria and then the IC in round 3 or 4. Theres nothing worse then having your early tanks in either Kaz, Novo, or Evenk destroyed and have to crawl back again. This is why the posts all point to Jap men. The hidden ideal --> to hold every Jap fighter as flying tanks until they are needed to defend Germany.

    Side Bar: Xeno world at war was strictly created to have gamers argue the rules until the wee hours in the morning only to look back and say they forgot to do one thing that puts the game totally in question and thus not official. People who make it through the Vichy rolls are serious gamers but the simple A@A is the best game still.

  • thats why we bid for allies or play russia restricted 😃

  • It’s a matter of stratagy. The axis need really good stratagies to win, while the allies can do a fair job without really excellent ones. Once the axis get their stratagies down pat then it will seem they are invincible, that is untill the allies change their tactics in suite. That’s what makes this game great, how fluid and ever changing it is.

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  • there is never a strategy that is impossible to beat. Although the game is ever-so-slightly setup to proceed in a certain manner, there is always a plan “B” for every plan “A”. and maybe even a plan C thru Q….and don’t forget the unbeatable plan “X”.

  • nt, so I got trigger happy…

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  • May I add no strategy works twice against me, but plenty work once.

    Do new stuff and you’ll win. Settle into set moves and you lose.

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  • When you think about it, this game’s scenario was played out 50 years ago by the most brilliant military masterminds in the world at the time and the allies won, so it sort of makes sense that the allies have a little bit of an advantage, because they did in real life.

    Wow, was that ever a run-on sentence.

  • Unless your a re a regular plaeyr of the game you can’t grasp how different every game could be. Depending on statiges i’ve seen USA being taken over by the third rich. anything acn happen if you are a good player. Although in my opionion only the excellent players can dominate with Axis, sure early on the kick some butt, but there low income comes abck to them if a good allie team cripples there resources. All and all if you want to win consitantly, u probably want to play as the allies. It requires less mistakes to win where as axis requires a near perfect game by Japan and Germany to win.

  • Only way Germany can ever take the East US is having an idiot playing the US. Hell, you have to be an idiot just to LET a germany transport live in the atlantic.

  • Yanny, yanny, yanny….always there to rip someones strategies to shreds at the drop of a dime. You’ve got spunk, kid! Keep it up…

  • It probably won’t work, but
    If Germany can take US, the allies are done for.
    also, Germany could bluff (Britain invasion) then go US with Jap help
    but still, it probably won’t work

  • Someone has got to be the community critic 😄

  • hey yanny iv’e pulled off the us attack a couple of times against some pretty good players.most peole think the attack is impossible to pull off so they don’t pay attention.

  • Inattention. I wonder how many promising A&A players have fallen victim to this tragic and often fatal character trait.

  • hey bring in jap help with some bluffing and it can be done.i’ll argue that to the end.

  • Why, after playing the new A&A Europe, Pacific or the not so new Xeno games, would anyone play the original game. Maybe im just tried of it, i played A&A for the frist time back in 1987. Holy

  • Because the original has some very unique problems buildt into itthat none of the other games have. Plus it’s for five players in case you get that many together.

  • the Original is much better in most situations. The games last longer, are different every time, depend less on luck, and have more tactics you can employ.

    AAE is 6 turns tops. AAP is absolute MAX 10 turns. World I’ve had a 100 turn game.

  • exactly….you don’t want a game thats too short, or too long. Although its nice to change it up every now and again…

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