How many rounds does the average game last?

  • I play A&A with some friends, some of which are still learning… but one player in particular never plays past the third round… he KNOWS the game is going to end and tell me how… I ususally laugh because he is completely wrong… but anyhow… I am just wondering what the average length is since its been sooo ling since i’ve played with non-quitters.

  • Most games I play in last about 7-10 rounds. I’ve played games that were over in 1 round but I had to play just a few more rounds to make sure I was truly screwed. I was Germany, played Russia Restricted but no bids. I attacked the brit navy all over as usual. the brit sub hit, my BB missed. My tank and Inf missed, both units in Egypt hit. My sub and ftr missed against the Brit BB that hit. My ftr missed again, his BB hit. The Canada transport hit, I hit. My 3 ftrs, bmb and sub all missed. The brit BB, Trn hit, the russian sub hit.

    So, I had 1 ftr and 1 bomber left and there were still 7 allied navy units in the Atlantic/Med including 2 BBs. Oh yeah, I went 2 infantry against the caucus and lost both.

    My foe was magnanimous, I was rather miffed. After the rest of the allied rolls went there way for the rest of the countries first round we started a new game, I lost, he won.

    On the other hand, I’ve seen games where on turn 8 the allies were obviously on their way to winning but it was going to take time as both sides had been building and posturing, but the allies were slightly outbuilding and slightly winning the war of attrition. Then the Japs rolled for 2 weapons techs, got heavy bombers, had 4 bombers already. That game lasted about 16 rounds, the allies eventually won but it was epic.

    Why does your buddy always lose on round 3? Does he divide his forces so they can be conquered 1 at a time?


  • its not that he loses… its that he is narrow minded and gives us after losing a big battle…

  • Some games can be soooooo long, well, i mean SOOOOOOOOOO LONNNNNNNNNNNG but it worth the shot 'cuz this game is SOOOOOOOO HOOOT …

    The game can be long or short, if you’re playin’ against newbies :

    • In term of rounds the game can last 5-10 rounds
    • In term of time, newbies can make it last more than 6 hours… many more

    And against vets player, the game is in deed long (round) but so much fun to play…

    That’s the trick, find buddies than played before, or you’ll find the game SOOOOOOOOOO LLLLLOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGG!

  • If he always loses the big battle then maybe he should learn when not to attack. I highly recommend getting a battle sim to test out feasibilities of doing battle.


  • I played not long ago 27 turns!!!. I think i wont never play another match like this. (in 1vs1)

    Most of the times, before the 10th turn its obvius who will win the war.
    But dices sometimes get crazy.

    Matches with several players usually are shorter, because coordination between allies its not good.

    Anyway, im early a newbie. I’ve been playing last year, two or three times a month.

  • Two or three times a month! I wish…. Mind you when I was in high school I’d get in 4-5 games a week. Now everybody has wives and kids but me!

    I’d agree that by turn 10 it is often clear who ‘should’ win. That when a lucky tech roll by Japan adds 5-10 more rounds!


  • I played a tournament game w/o rr and no bids 10 yrs ago that lasted 18 rounds b4 the game round ended. I was Germany and had somehow held onto Germany and Italy. Worse was that my japanese player stunk, I could have taken Russia in tournament play if my jap player knew what he was doing. I think it was more of a fact of the US player being amazing. Just goes to show that games, even played by seasoned players, can last much longer than expected.

    I have run into A+A burnout, I play very rarely. Check out Napoleon In Europe for a switch up game, really good, and the battle rules are amazing……


  • I’ve been playing for about 5 months so me and my friends are all major newbies. I don’t think we’ve ever finished a game. It always ends with who is in the best position to win. We played for 4 hours and maybe got up to turn 4 (probly 3)

  • Oh you can just never tell what the dice will do, I have been part of a axis team (I was japan) that had Russia by turn 7, and a good supply of troops on Western Europe. Things went very very wrong, and by turn 19 I am stacking troops on japan hoping for a break…we lost, and it was a lesson learned - Never ever count on victory in this game until it is done, I think that is the appeal of this game, keeps me playing it anyway.

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