• I started a game this weekend with 3 friends and it’s shaped up to be a very good one so far. All 3 of them are fairly new to the game, so we haven’t settled into the boring same old routine of Allied domination of Germany.

    Anyway, we don’t have Russia Restricted so the Russian player busted out on T1 and took Ukraine, and then Scandinavia on T2. However, he has been building at least one tank a turn making his eastern front sort of weak. He isn’t strong enough to take on Germany, but he still has a solid defense in Karelia. In Asia he has sent a few guys to stall Japan, and after 4 turns Japan still can’t take Yakut. He sent 4 INF and a fighter over to help defend the US factory in Sinkiang, and with that he can actually be a pretty strong offensive force in Asia. They are making 27.

    Germany is kicking arse. They still have their sub and battleship, and used their airforce to blow up the UK navy. And they blockaded the UK water, and also sent the sub out to pick off the US transports. Their mediterranean transport was alive until I think R3, so they have put enough guys in Africa to hold it. It’s actually interesting, they are about to wipe the last UK guy off the map and then have free reign. They also got one infantry over to persia and were able to take India. (Japan killed all of India’s forces, but couldn’t capture India that turn). Their is no threat of a European invasion for at least 2 turns (UK and US keep losing their boats) so Germany can send it’s full 33 IPC might at Russia.

    UK lost all their boats, and wouldn’t build any more for a while. The UK player got so discouraged when they had no navy that they pumped thier $$ into the RAF. So UK has 4 fighters (I think they lost their bomber and one or two of the original fighters on bombing raids and naval attacks that went sour) The UK player finally realized they need boats to get Africa back and built a TRN and a BB, but the German navy and airforce are within striking distance, so he may lose them. And the UK player landed 4 fighters in one of the few African territories UK controlled. He plans to wipe out the german forces so they can’t take the rest of Africa, but with no land units in there UK can’t get any of it back. UK is making 24.

    Japan isn’t doing as well as Japan is supposed to. They are having trouble getting solid and the mainland, and the US factory in Sinkiang is starting to slow them more. Japan spread too thin and stands to get their butt kicked out of south Asia. However, they were able to do a successful Pearl Harbor, chase the US boats down in Panama, and then capture panama to move their boats through it. They took Brazil with one INF, and have a transport and a battleship in the Atlantic. They used the Battleship to take out the US transports. And they are at 33 right now, but they are about to lose a lot of it. I’m not sure if Japan is going to put sufficient pressure on Russia in time.

    The US also can’t get a navy going between German and Japanese attacks and blockades, so they have gone for a huge airforce as well. 6 fighters and a bomber, and then they build 2 tanks in the Sinkiang factory every turn. They have lost china, hawaii, and Brazil so they are down to 30. The US and Russia in Asia are getting pretty strong together. And the US probably has enough air to start dominating in the Atlantic, but they don’t have any boats at the moment.

    Germany is getting very strong in this game, and I think it’s actually Germany that will win it for the Axis. 2 turns ago the Allies looked very strong, but now the tide has changed and the Axis look to have the upper hand. All in all it’s been a very good game, and I’m thankful we haven’t fallen into a pattern yet.

  • Nice game report you got there. 😄

    But this begs the question, which side are you on?

    Anyways, the one-tank per turn idea with Russia is a solid move. And with Russia unrestricted, it can be devastating. However, if you’re more of the passive Russian player, than you might want to go one tank every other turn. It also provides a strong counterattacking force in both Eastern and Western Fronts, provided you can position them correctly.

    I do like Germany making a mad dash with U-Boats in the Atlantic. It’s a move I don’t see enough, and is perfect in terrorize the high seas. And historically, U-Boats did have a stranglehold on the seas extending all the way to USA’s eastern seaboard.

    Tell me how this game turns out. I hope the Axis come out on top. 😉

  • So do I 😄

  • So what side are you playing?
    Come on, I’m dying for you to answer that question. 😉 Or are you Yoda, the old mentor ready to throw away his walking stick and raise the X-Wing to show arrogant Luke why he’s the Master?

  • CP, How many SS(subs) did Germany have in the E USA SeaZone(SZ)? Playing 2 Hit BB? Try building a BB and TRN to go in E USA SZ. You should sink 2 SS before your next turn.
    “We look forward to wiping our boots on your cadavers.” - Gen. Xi of the PRC

  • Might want to invest in some Carriers for the Allies. Japan needs to get some Transports and ferrie in Troops. Germany, well Germany should get ready to strike hard at Russia. America needs some more transports in the Water! Russia is running out of time.

  • I’m Japan so I don’t think I’ll be building any carriers. Actually, the Allies can oust the relatively weak Axis navies (BB & TRN, BB & SUB) any time they want to, but they haven’t wanted to. It’s been more of a psychological blockade and they have given up on boats to concentrate on planes. (US has 6 fighters and a bomber, UK has 4 fighters) Hey, I’ll take what I can get, especially since I’m so screwed up in Asia.

  • Well you better start getting yourself a piece of the action! 😄

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