PBEM Game (Game discussion DM vs. MS)

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    Anyone interested in playing a Play by Email game?

    I can move this thread to the “Games Section” later or we can just keep it open for discussion.

    I was thinking 2nd edition with RR with bid.  I think I’d like to be the Axis, but I have no prob being the Allies if someone wants to try an Axis Bid.

    I’d be willing to give the Axis in the 12 range, likewise I would like to get about that.  Again we can discuss this.

    Also I can usually do a turn a day, but on avg I can do a turn every 2 days or so.  Just to be safe, I’d like to try and keep a pace of 2 turns a week or better.  Obviously the faster the better, but I don’t really want this game to drag out for months and months.

    Any takers?

  • is there a diceserver on this site?  if not which diceserver would you be using?

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    This one from AAMC (for ADS):


    Although I don’t put in a game number.

    However, I also have the link to the DAAK dice server for LowLuck if that is perferred by people.

  • For a PBEM game, do we just send each other the map by email and then open it with the AAAMapWin program? I already know about Dicey.

    If Hamar doesn’t want to play then I will.

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    Generally when I play I’ll make a thread in the “Games” Section and will post out the turns there like this:

    Sample Turn:

    Russia Round 1

    Buy 8 inf


    Baltic sz - 1 trn, 1 sub vs. 1 trn (kar sz), 1 sub (kar sz), 2 ftrs (1 kar, 1 mos)


    Bal sz - cleared with 1 sub, 2 ftrs


    3 inf to Kar from Mos


    8 inf on Kar

    Collect 24


    R - 24/$24
    G - 32/$32
    U - 30/$30
    J - 25/$25
    U - 36/$36

    This would be just a basic turn.  Something similar to this is with the map is fine for me.
    I’m not too much of a stickler esp if you haven’t played a PBEM before.Â

  • OK, I’ll take you on. Send me a personal message with your email address so I will have one for the rolls. You can be the Axis with a bid of 12. I will look for this in the games section.

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    Thread set up, PM sent.  4 inf placed on Lib.

    We can keep this thread open for discussion as long as you don’t mind.
    But I’ll ask the onlookers to refrain from commenting on possible future moves.  I’ll be happy to discuss anything I do, but I want to stay away from “you should do this on your next turn…”

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    Well, our game is over and this is for any strat dealing with our game.

    Thread title editted.

    Yes, good game Darth. It was rough going for the allies as Germany had its fleet and all of its fighters for the whole (or most of the) game. I learned a few things. Germany can really hang on well if all it builds is infantry the whole game.

    Yes, this is key.
    As I mentioned having the fleet was just lucky and I wouldn’t count on that too often as Ger.

    Also the bad dice you had on the Ukr attack also hurt.

    Once Germeny was able to lurch out and take and hold Ukr that means you can afford to give up WE for Kar, and once Ger has Kar and Japan has Novo, Russia is in big trouble.  It even makes SE expendable, if you know Russia will fall.  And once your Arm were killed off, I think that became inevitable.

    This is why Germany can box themselves in and play conservative early (provided you have your arm and ftrs/bom).  You don’t have to make your move till Japan is really going full steam which won’t be till rd 3 or 4.

    I’m still trying to perfect my “lurch” technique with Germany.  I have to admit though, I think I played really well with Germany this game and Japan for that matter.

    I think a rd 4 lurch may be ideal for Germany to shoot for.  I’ve gone in rd 3 before and I think SHP was probably right when he would say that is too early.

  • Yes, I would also agree that a rd 3 lurch is too early for Germany.

    In this game, EEU was stacked so well that it was unfeasible for Russia to attack it ever. This was also a good strat becuase the tanks just sat there for defense until they were needed in Karelia or WEU, and more and more inf just kept piling up there.

    The 4 German inf bid in Libya also made things difficult for the allies. UK could have used its bomber against German ships but it was too preoccupied with liberating Africa.

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