• @Krieghund Question about the Russian Revolution and what can/cannot be done with SHARED territories as the CP. I did not see this addressed in the QA (sorry if I missed it).

    My question: Can the CP attack or reinforce from original russian territories that become shared due to contested status? Example: If Germany and Russia SHARE Sevastopol post revolution, could Germany or Austria mass an army there and then attack or reinforce the ottomans from that position? Or retreat an army into that SHARED territory in order to avoid combat with the British coming from India?

    Stuff I found from the QA thread that were close to the answer I was looking for:

    “Attacks may no longer be made by either side in original Russian territories that are either controlled by Russia or shared between Russia and the Central Powers.”

    “Central Powers forces can move into or out of territories shared between them and Russia at any time, but the Central Powers must maintain at least one infantry unit in each such territory at all times. Central Powers do not collect income from shared territories. Rules restricting land unit movement out of contested territories (see �Land Units�, page 15) will not apply to these shared territories.”

  • @Krieghund if Sevastopol is a shared territory, can CP forces pass through to the other side in any fashion.

  • Official Q&A

    @the_good_captain All of those things may be done. Central Powers units may move into and out of shared territories freely, with the only restriction being that they must maintain at least one infantry unit there.

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