Entente troops in Russia during Revolution

  • I cannot find rules handling my (british and american) troops after the Russian revolution. They are placed in contested Moscow and Kerelia. Since Moscow is contested by Germany while holding three adjecent territories plus Poland and Sevastopol, there is a revolution. But how will that effect the British and Americans?

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    @kingkatmandu That’s covered in the FAQ:

    Q. What is Russia’s relationship with the other Allied powers after the armistice occurs?
    A. Like the United States before it enters the war, Russia is not considered to be either friend or enemy to any other power after it exits the war. Units belonging to other Allied powers outside of original Russian territories that remain controlled or contested by Russia may no longer move into those territories. Any such units remaining in those territories at the end of their next respective turn will be removed from the board at that time.

  • @krieghund Thanks! But does that mean that I cannot attack territories in Russia, controlled by Germany after the revolution?

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    @kingkatmandu No, it means you can’t attack original Russian territories that are shared between Russia and the Central Powers. If an original Russian territory is controlled by the Central Powers, you can attack it. Also from the FAQ:

    Q. What happens to original Russian territories that are controlled by the Central Powers when the armistice occurs?
    A. They remain under Central Powers control, but are considered to have no original controller for the remainder of the game. If such a territory is captured by an Allied power, that power takes control rather than returning it to Russia. If such a territory is left without units in it after a battle due to both sides being eliminated, it will not be controlled by any power (place any national control marker on it face down to denote this status) until a power moves units into it.

  • @krieghund ok, I think I got it. Thanks a bunch! 👍

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