• Since Far East Command surrenders when Great Britain surrenders, are their IPPs destroyed when Calcutta is taken? And if Calcutta is taken would they still collect income from far east land zones and place units that don’t require a factory. Couldn’t find anything relating to this or whether Calcutta is even considered their capital. Any info would be appreciated, thanks.

  • According to rule 1.3, the territory with the brightest roundel determines the capital, so that would be Calcutta for the FEC.

    According to rule 9.23 a nation that loses its capital loses all its cash IPP to the bank, even if it does not surrender.

    So the FEC would not surrender but lose all IPP, making any new construction impossible, even where no factory is required (militia, ghurka…).

    However, losing Calcutta will not cause the FEC or Great Britain to surrender. They would have to lose London and all four alternative capitals, including Calcutta.

  • Thank u sir

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