• Please provide any feedback for some key commanders. Some of this is to add a more historical flavor to the game while adding an advantage to those that have the commander in play. This is not to discuss Commanders themselves on how they move retreat, etc, but just their deployment and abilities.

    John Vereker, 6th Viscount Gort
    Great Britain

    Turn: July 1939. Commander-in-Chief of the BEF. If Germany has NOT declared war on France, deploy Vereker along with up to 2 infantry, 1 artillery and 1 light tank from London to Picardy to form the British Expeditionary Force (BEF). The BEF cannot move once in France from Picardy.
    If Germany has declared war, deploy Vereker to London.

    Special ability:
    Evacuate: Vereker may retreat as the defender from any land battle or an amphibious invasion to an adjacent land zone or sea zone by transport or Narrow Crossing. Vereker is only allowed to retreat with Infantry Class units present, including those of a nation allied with the British Commonwealth. Vereker may do this only on the first round of combat, after the attacker rolls, forfeiting all defensive rolls for the units retreating.

    General Francisco Franco
    Spain - Nationalists

    Turn: July 1936, Command of the Spanish Army of Africa if playing with the Spanish Civil War Admiral expansion. If not, deploy to Spanish Morocco.

    Special ability:
    Dictator: Franco adds +2 to Nationalist Spanish recruitment die rolls. Units recruited this way must be place in the same land zone as Franco.

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