• Hi,

    we just started playing GW36 and there is one question (for now!) that the rules don’t explicitly talk about: do you capture a land zone when you only have air units left? Obviously, they can’t land there, that is stated in the rules. Having played A&A, it’s very easy to assume that you need to have at least one land unit left to capture the zone and place your roundel, but I can’t find that rule anywhere in GW36. Thanks. P.S. I’m half-expecting somebody to say that I am blind and to go to page x where it clearly states that …

  • Hello Phil,

    It is clear that you cannot capture anything with air units since they must save enough movement to return to a Friendly land zone or carrier during the non-combat movement phase (8.3 and 10.3 of v3 Rules).

    However, I believe that you are right that the the rulebook takes for granted that you must have at least one attacking land unit left in the zone to capture a new territory. The rules mention “capture” or “conquer”, but I don’t think they explicitely state how this is done.

    Obviously, if all attacking lands units are destroyed, you cannot capture the territory. No matter how many attacking air units survive the battle, they cannot land there.

    Just like in A&A, you sometimes have to decide if you will scrap a fighter to leave one infantry alive to take a new territory.

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    I think you’ll find a lot of assumptions made in the rules haha. While it’s obviously VERY different from A&A, there is a lot pulled from it, and I think sometimes the creators take that for granted in assuming things players may or may not already know.

    So with that said, I’m like 99.99999999% sure you need a land unit to capture. That’s funny if it doesn’t say in the rules (I don’t have in front of me), something I probably never would have noticed or thought about! But the logical meaning would be a land unit is needed.

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    We thought it was so obvious that you needed a unit to capture a territory and since the rules showed it couldn’t be an air unit that we didn’t bother to write it down. Sorry.

  • Thank you guys. I played a dozen games of A&A in my life, so I am far from an expert. I prefer asking than being wrong.

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