[Global 1940] My own three house rules (need HBG markers and units and battleships from A&A 1941)

  • So I have been playing Axis and allies global 1940 for a while but there are a few historical inaccuracies, a few things that could be added, etc. Something that will be needed: I found out about a website called Historical board gaming who sells custom pieces and markers. So I got Canada pieces, Romania pieces, Poland pieces, communist China pieces (WW2), Greece pieces and Portugal pieces (don’t ask me why). I found that makes the level of play so much more fun. So House Rule 1: China at war. From 1927 (I think) China was in civil war with the commies and they were going to crush them… but Japan came in and ruined everything. The two sides; Nationalists and communists banded together to form a united front. In my house rules Communist China or CPC control Chahar and Hopei. Every time a CPC troop moves into a nationalist territory with no troops in it they gain it. If all Japanese territories in China are recaptured China immediately becomes neutral and fights with each other. CCP is controlled by USSR while Nationalist China is controlled by another allied power. If USSR invades Manchuria it immediately is put into the hands of CPC.
    House rule 2: Deal making and negotiating
    With this rule you can draft peace treaties, negotiate with allies, etc. Just get apiece of paper and write what you want (such as partitioning USSR if they surrender/ get defeated.). This is fun especially when you are invading a country together with another player.
    House rule 3: Battlecruiser
    Battle cruisers were very important to navy’s back in the day as they were like faster fast battleships. You will need the Battlecruiser HMS hood from the A&A 1941 (the allied battleship). It stats are as follows:
    Move 3
    Firepower attack/defence 3/3
    Has Capital ship ability
    BUT if the opponent roles a 1 with a battleship the Battlecruiser gets destroyed.

    So those are my house rules! Comment if you have questions or think anything could be added/changed, Happy conquering!!

    HBG link: http://www.historicalboardgaming.com/

  • Be wary when making house rules what your “historical accuracy” does for gameplay.

    None of these three are very well-defined and bounded, leaving them open to mistakes, rule-disagreements and abuse.

    For example, can I negotiate with my ally that in return for sending one German airplane squadron to help against China, I will get German control of a factory on the Chinese coast? Quite the game changer if suddenly Germany can build in the Pacific! Or better even: can the Brits have an agreement with the USA that if they build a factory in Egypt and the Americans help defend it they get to take control of it?
    And what is a ‘Capital ship ability’?
    Etc. etc.

    So, in short:
    Number 1 just adds a whole load of fiddly upkeep stuff to an already long game, and significantly weakens China.
    Number 2 breaks the game.
    Number 3 is not needed, nor historically accurate, nor improving gameplay.

    Nice starting point if you intend to make houserules: https://www.axisandallies.org/p/five-tenants-good-house-rules-axis-allies/

  • @Lil-Blue-Spider I understand what you mean. Just one thing to add on… the capital ship ability is clearly outlined in most A&A rule books. It states that this ship may take TWO hits. And on that note; technically you could negotiate whatever you want. I will edit House rules a bit for them to makes sense. Like wait three turns to use a territory if you ceded that territory, etc. Thanks for the comment!

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