United States political rules

  • Me and my group recently came up with a new rule for the US concerning their entering the war round three. It makes the game more historically accurate, and could potentially make the war in the pacific easier for Japan. So here it is:

    If the US has not been declared war on by an axis power by the collect income phase of its third turn, Congress must vote to decide if they should enter the war. The US player rolls six dice and at least 2/3 must be four or less for the US to declare war on any or all axis powers. If this fails, the US can try again during the combat move phase of any of its consecutive turns. However, the US can vote to enter the war early if an axis power captures London or any territory in North America, or Japan makes an unprovoked declaration of war against the UK or ANZAC. If an axis power declares war on the US, they do not have to vote to go to war the following turn.

    This is just a idea and could prove disastrous, but it is fun to try!

  • 2017 '16 '15

    Fun is the Word!


    A lot of the times they’re already in the war by then, but if not, give 'em a chance 🙂

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