Adressing the need for Global 40 house Rules

  • As I see it now, very little needs to be added to Pacific by house rule, except for a touch of personal flavor, the game does not need house rules in my opinion…however

    As fans we all are im sure of at least acknoliging historical accuracy and playablity, what house rules will be most popular for the coming global game. Personaly…

    The most important additons, at a decent ratio of Historical accuracy to simplicty (I WILL be adding these to my first house rule itteration)
    1. Atomic Weapons (A US special rule, that is based on a combination of IPCs spent, turns played, and other factors.
    2. Vichy France (This actualy happened, I want to make it simple and intuitive)
    3. Independent Canada (A backup capital, if London falls, Candada becomes active)

    Rules of lesser Importance
    1. Blockhouse/Beach Guns (Artilery can fill this role, when defending from invasion, not neccisary but neat)
    2. National Advantages and National Drawbacks (a list of 3 of each, you pick 1…then an opponent picks a disadvantage for you)

    More to come…

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    French and axis minor allies should have their part.

    Finland, Hungry, Romania, Bulgaria get light Grey pieces and can replace one lost unit per turn. they get fixed setups and cant build anything… only replace one lost land unit a turn as long as their home nations are under control. …kiss  Finland could get a fighter, otherwise only tanks, art, and inf for units.

    Once Paris falls specific Free- French and Vichy states go active and specific units are set up…simple kiss

    Vichy is German controlled but only fights one round against allied forces or not.Money belongs to Germany

    Free French is British controlled and stays where it was placed unless attacked. Money belongs to nobody

    Vichy didn’t have a role in Pacific, except japan occupied FIC out of the turmoil of their collapse.

    Atomic weapons are a must. Sad that this was left out for PC. The War was not PC so why and how can some things be too great to have in the game?

    Just use the blockhouse from AADD. artillery seems like a cheesy fix. Id like to see something to model the classic pillbox. Artillery should already fire first before invasions just like SB fires for invading units. its only fair.

  • @oztea:

    Atomic Weapons (A US special rule, that is based on a combination of IPCs spent, turns played, and other factors.

    I think Germany should get a shot at atomic weapons, they were trying to build one weren’t they.

  • germany was trying to build one, but they lacked the industrial potential
    They had the blue print, but they didnt have the means to do it.

  • I rock,

    Axis & Allies Revised has light gray pieces (it was spelled incorrectly in your post)

    I love your enthusiasm for the Axis & Allies line of games - I started playing at 11, so I understand your love for the game.

  • ahh i have 3 AA games BotB D-Day and revised and my revised germans are almost black 😮

  • In 1940 Mahattan Proyect was not at the same stage than in 1945, you know. Any power should have at least the chance of researching the bomb in the long run if becomes enough powerful, even ANZAC!

    And I prefer if we don’t have the nuke in the game, it can be very tricky of balancing it in an historical way … think VCs system as the nuke: if one side has enough to win, can nuke the other if not surrenders. In real war axis was reduced to just Shangai and Tokyo when got nuked … the same old 10 VCs condition as in Revised  😉

  • @i:

    my earlyer post i didnt get to finnish cause i had to go back to school.

    “ahh i have 3 AA games BotB D-Day and revised and my revised germans are almost black :-o” not grey like you said so any ideas where i could get these pieces(is it spelt right now?)

    Spelling is perfect - minus “spelt”, which should be spelled  😉

    As for the Germans - maybe some old Axis & Allies 1984 Germans?

  • If you can save like $10, you will find German pieces on eBay from the original 1984 set.

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