• Hey all,

    My cousin and I are starting a global game this upcoming weekend against some competition that we have never played before and I was wondering if anyone could give me pointers, tips, or anything to playing Italy? In this game I will be controlling the European axis and he’s going to be the Almighty Japan.

    I think I mostly got down Germany with the idea of getting your army to eastern front and then building/adding to a navy that keeps the threat of Sea Lion alive or can be used to sweep into the Med or Scandinavia.

    My obstacle comes with Italy, they start out pathetic economically but can become a powerhouse “if” they get ahold of their NOs as well as if the Taranto Raid/Tobruk does not happen.

    So any ideas would be helpful about where to concentrate and maybe some turn purchases if the Taranto Raid/Tobruk does not got through or has some terrible rolls. Obviously, I think the best strategy is to turtle and protect western Europe if those do indeed happen and hopefully wait for a Germany to help you acquire your NOs in the much later game, but provided those do indeed not happen I am dumbfounded to the so many options that Italy has.

    Your feedback would be most welcomed.

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    probably buy mechs to can open for Germany a tank if you can and then go heavy infantry on defense.

    Well…Idk 🙂 I always want to go to Africa and it rarely works : )

  • Italy all comes down to what UK does against your fleet.

    All three transport survive: No British player in their right mind would allow this but if this happens, going after Egypt is a must.

    Two transports survive: Safe UK move, usually Italy tries to make a move in Africa or at least go after neutrals.

    One transport survive: Italy normally abandons Africa and focus on Can Opening for Germany

    No transport survive: I am pretty sure this is impossible with OOB version, maybe a bid could make it doable but again, without any transports. Go to Can Opening for Germany.

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    It is best to buy Mechs and can open and support Germany on the East Front. If the opportunity arises, and the U.K. and US player allow it, buy a DD to keep your convoying down. Don’t make it easy for the Allies to deny you income. German Fts often have to park in Rome to scramble to sink Subs.
    Playing Italy is about bothering the Allies, forcing them to spend in the Med, when they want to go East, towards the ME.

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