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36 questions as a beginner

  • Hey guys,

    I am new to the forum but have been watching heaps of axis and allies for quite some time, I have played global 40 quite frequently in the 2 years I have owned it. Was wondering what extras pieces I will need for the switch to global 36. I saw the checklist but it seems to be a bit weird because their are some units that I don’t think should be their like cavalry for all the nations. Anyway just wanted your thoughts am Australian so shipping is a pain, also whats the thoughts of the spainish civil war expansion? thanks guys for your thoughts.

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    You can just start with your A&A pieces and substitute as needed. I use mech as motorized, don’t care much for the mountain rules, and other substitutions as needed (medium bombers can be transports, etc). As you run through it a few times, you will see what you think is necessary or just a great addition. I do have jets and strategic bombers. I found certain expansions to work great, such as oil wars.

    Just start with the basics and work in more later 🙂

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    Ironically I just spent the entire day creating a list of pieces that you need to build the game. I just finished making the list and tomorrow I will shoot an accompanying video to go along with the list. I will post a link for you tomorrow, Hopper.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade thanks guys I am a big fan ghg love your vids.

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