Some Questions on some V3 Optional Rules

  • My group have been debating which optional rules to use in V3 and we have come upon a few questions.

    1st is regarding rule 15.8, which is the ships under construction rule. This states that capital ships that are being produced are placed at a shipyard and can be captured if the zone with said shipyard is captured. Our first question comes into whether the shipyard can be chosen for the already being produced ships. For example France at the beginning of the 1936 starting position has a battleship being produced but it has two viable shipyards. Does the France player choose which one to have it at or is there a correct starting shipyard.

    2nd is regarding the same rule with France. We know France has very specific rules for its navy when France falls, rule 14.4.2, but is the capital ship being produced exempt from these rules? If Germany or Italy capture the territory containing the shipyard with the battleship being produced but it is the last zone required to trigger france falling does it get rolled for on the scuttling table or is it always given to the Victor?

    3rd is regarding strategic naval movement, 15.10.
    It says at the beginning that only naval transports, loaded land units or aircraft can be moved in this way. But later on it mentions that submarines may start or end at friendly submarine bases. Are subs allowed to use this movement as well as naval transports and their cargo?

    Sorry for the very nitpicky questions, but my friend and I are very interested in playing correctly and really enjoy diving into all the ramifications of the rules. Thanks for any help.

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    1. There is no starting Shipyard for these ships.

    2. If you continue reading the rules regarding the Vichy transformation you will find another set of numbers you would use to roll the units on the build chart.

    3. I believe that the mention of submarines was a mistake. Strategic naval movement is only transports and what they are transporting. It was probably a copy and paste issue or a failure to erase that part when the rules evolved. I will point that out to them.

  • Thanks GHG for the response. For the 2nd question I guess I was wondering more which rule would trump the other. We have been going with the rolling on the Vichy table but we are trying to figure out which rule is the one that should be used in france. Thanks again for everything! I have been enjoying watching you playing as the comintern with panzer king!

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    @Boardgame-Medic This is copied and pasted from the Vichy Reference Sheet that was released recently;
    For ships on the French Production Chart,
    roll a D12:
    1-7 Scuttled, remove from game.
    8-10 Remains Vichy French and stays on the
    Production chart until Vichy France Aligns to
    a Major Power or surrenders. Germany can
    lend-lease IPP to Vichy for completion.
    11-12 Replace with German equivalent on the
    Production chart. Must be finished in German
    possessed France

  • Sounds good. We just didn’t know if the optional rule about capturing a territory with a capital ship being produced at a shipyard sort of trumped that specific rule. We have been using the rule you posted instead of the optional rule with france. Thanks!

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