Does Anyone Have Free For All Objective Rules? (1914)

  • Hi friends

    I really like the setting of 1914, what with that death of the old world type of feeling to it, but I’m after a change.

    Does anyone have or have any suggestions for objective based rules so that everyone could play free for all and diplomacy would become more important. I’m thinking we would want to lower the initial army sizes, clear out some regions in the map/use a variant map, empty Africa so there’s a reason to go there- stuff like that.

    I was thinking that one might have two or three objective, drawn at random from a deck of objectives and you go about trying to achieve them- they might mean war, they might just be holding certain territories- kind of like objectives in Risk. I think this would make for an interesting and varied game where different alliances might form and the war might happen in other places. Let me know if you have map/rule/objective ideas, I’d love to try this out.

  • Have you ever played Diplomacy - based on WW1 Europe?  A pure skill game - no luck - just you vs. everyone else, except for your friends (until they stab you in the back!!!)

  • Hi thanks

    I have heard of Diplomacy and have looked at getting a copy, but this idea was sort of to marry the combat and warfare of AA 1914 with a bit more game to game variation that doesn’t result in everyone ganging up on one nation, or by making war inevitable between the same players.

    Kind of like with risk where you might have objectives that conflict with other players’ objective, but not with other players’.

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    It sounds like you might enjoy Risk: Europe! It’s available for only about $30, and it features free-for-all battles across the old world of europe with a more complicated economy and army structure than classic Risk.

    I don’t think the A&A 1914 board is well-suited to a random objective deck…you’d be investing a lot of time in fiddly setup, beancounting, etc. only to have someone win all of a sudden because they had an easier-than-expected objective card that they drew at random, or because you guessed wrong about what their objective card was and blocked them out of the wrong territory.

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