1914 Movement Fix

  • Since I both hear so much bellyaching about the lack of rail movement and have come to realize that my victory as the Central Powers was one of the biggest flukes in modern history, I submit for your review my idea for the simulation of rail movement:

    All land units may move two spaces per turn, provided that the move involves only territories originally (and currently) controlled by that power or a friendly power. Units cannot cross or end movement in contested or enemy-controlled spaces.

    Basically what I mean is that an infantry can move from Berlin to Ruhr in one turn provided Germany controls Berlin, Ruhr, and either Kiel or Hannover. An Austrian infantry/tank/whatever moving from Tyrolia to Alsace would also be ok provided Tyrolia, Alsace and Munich are all under CP control. What would not be ok is, for example, a Russian infantry moving from Romania straight to Trieste, even if Budapest or Serbia and Trieste are all under Russian control, since they did not originally own any of those territories. The spirit of this rule is to simulate the infrastructure that each nation would have possessed (simplified for uniformity, obviously) while still making invasions take time (as they should) and not allowing super-rapid reinforcements in contested zones (since it still takes a whole move to move into one from an adjacent sector). What do you guys think?

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    I would scrap the nation specific clause; Germany built a railroad from Berlin to Baghdad. Otherwise this is what I intend to experiment with next game, though I was thinking that its OK to rail into contested tts as long as you don’t attack there this turn. That is, you can reinforce by rail, but not attack.

    On a more radical note, I was thinking about scrapping all movement limitations in non-combat movement.

    So, theoretically, German could rail new units straight to Mesopotamia as long as the CPs control all tts in between, and the destination tt is at least contested and you don’t attack there this turn.

    Similarly, the USA would be able to ship units directly to Karelia, as long as the enemy fleet did not stand in the way, and Karelia was Allied held or the move simply reinforced it.

    However, mined areas would count as moving into combat so the US would not be able to ship from Washington to Kiel unless Kiel has already been captured by the Allies.

  • Given how quickly the CP navies collectively get hosed in this game I really don’t think transports should get unlimited movement…and I thought that combat always took place in contested territories?

  • You have to constrain such a rule to only territories worth more than 2 (or even, 3 IPCs).

    We can’t have units zooming around Africa and such.

  • Flashman we want rail not teleportating haha

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    How long is a turn in real time - minimum three months?

    Ample time to rail from Berlin to Baghdad.

  • I think we are expected to believe the horse and buggy association destroyed all the railroads in Europe just prior to the start of the war.  8-)

  • Well under your ‘train’ of thought (hehe) all planes and boats in WWII games should have unlimited movement.

    You cannot approach it like that lol it would wreck the game.

    Railroads give land units +1 movement just like shipyards and airfields in G40 give planes and boats +1 movement.
    You should not be able to rail into a contested tt.

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