• June 6th couldn’t go by without OP doing something special. Therefore we’ve just finished up playtesting a special scenario for Axis & Allies Miniatures.

    I want the rest to be a surprise but allow me to talk just a very little to whet your appetites. It has a new map! Not the normal 1/4-sized map that comes with the starter set, but a full size map that covers the size of the standard four map set up!

    The new map comes with its own scenario. It has options to play using some very different ways and is quite challenging.

    These new maps will be coming in kits soon, so stay tuned. We know you’ve been itching for maps and therefore I thought you’d want to hear about this exciting news.

    That’s it! We are glad that you’re liking the minis we have begun including in the kits. This was always intended to happen and its reassuring to see the response they have gotten. Now that we can add a new map and scenario, the kits are where I’ve always wanted them.

    I’d like to also thank Bob for manning things online until we were able to make this happen within the kits themselves.

    Program Manager for Axis and Allies Miniatures.
    Organized Play.

    Does this mean that the average person is screwed for getting the new map? I hope not, lest I’m forced to yell “WTF” and send out hate mail. It’s a D-Day special thing, so you know it’s going to be a D-Day map. MMmm, Beaches and Bocage, baby…. beaches and bocage. I’m all for it. So what are these “kits”?


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    Usually they provide their maps for download.

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