• Anyone having trouble getting the maps to lay flat while you are playing?  What did you do?  Or has anyone created their own maps or used some other system?  I was thinking about trying to use the HeroScape tiles… but they don’t really have tiles to give the City Hex effect.

  • something as simple as scotch tape works, the maps are pretty sturdy and can handle takeing the tape off with out ripping it. i have also made my own maps, more acurate maps i should say. i spent about 2 weeks building a “hedgerows” map. i havnt played it yet, but what ever force is not on the defensive is going to have a hell of a time moving. should be fun though.
    to solve the laying down flat problem my buddy just cut all the maps up into smaller peicees that layed flat, this turned into a nightmare. the smaller map sections were to light, he sneezed and things just went everywhere, i thought it was funny.

    yeah my first post!!!

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    To get the maps to lay flat I went to Tap plastics (http://www.tapplastics.com/stores/index.html) and bought a sheet of plastic that I lay on top of the maps. I got it with rounded edges and I think the dimensions are 22" x 33" or whatever would give 1" margins around the map. You can get the edges rounded and finished but you can get some super fine sandpaper from Tap and do it yourself very easily without too much work.

  • Maybe you could try laminating material that you can get at office supply stores?

    Just a suggestion; I haven’t tried it myself…

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    Also, I think if you store the maps flat and not folded up, they will lay flat when you play.

  • Thanks for the suggestions… I will definately try some of them… except for the sneezing thing!  :-D

  • There are some tiles for another game that someone suggested to me that might work out for this game.


    They have desert tiles too.  If anyone actually has some of these tiles and have tried them I’d like to know.

  • since my last post i did a few new things. i went to kinkos and had to large pster sized hex grids printed up. i kept it just black and white. you can do color but it isnt cheap. i then scaned in all the different types of terrein theier is (ie swamps, water, trees, crap like that) i printed about 10 pages of each in color, and cut them up into hex’s. some as singles and some as groupings. the point is that i can cjange them when ever i want. i then got a peice of plexyglass that fit over this thing. after a while with that i bought a bunch of diff. colored dry erase markers, i use them to show disruption/damage/destroyed. its a hell of alot easier than pciking up those little dots all the time. and when donw just wipe it off. its easy and very effective.

  • I have a total of sixteen map tiles, so today I bought photo mounting glue (spray form) and eight pieces of poster board.
    (This was sorta messy by the way)

    I sprayed one side of the Able tile.
    I stuck it to the poster board and flattened it out.
    After waiting a minute for it to dry, I cut it out along the lines.
    I turned it over and sprayed the empty side of poster board.
    I then placed the other side of the Able tile on it and smoothed it out.

    The only warning I have is - Make sure you have both sides of a tile showing!

  • The plexi thing worked great at GenCon. My buddy suggested cutting the single large piece into three or four smaller pieces to make it easier to transport.

  • If you want custom maps Chessex makes some nice “write on”/“wipe off” 2" hex mats (they make 1 1/2 " and 1" Hex Mats as well). To match the scale of the maps the 2" Hex Mega Mat woudl work.

    Here is the description:
    Using water-soluble overhead-projection pens (NOT dry erase, grease pencil, or permanent markers), you can write on the vinyl and remove later with water when the adventure is done.


    Sizing: Battlematâ„¢    = 26” x 23½” (66cm x 60cm)
    Sizing: Megamatâ„¢        = 34½” x 48” (88cm x 122cm)

    96259 Reversible Battlematâ„¢ 2" Squares and Hexes $19.98
    97259 Reversible Megamatâ„¢ 2" Squares and Hexes $34.98

  • Rock Rock On!! good stuff, thanks!

  • hi, I took my maps to Kinkos and had them laminated.  It works great. cost was $18.00 for all four.

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