Global War 1936-1939 (basic questions related to new elements)

  • Hello friends,

    What do I need to play a GW 1936 game?

    I have A&A Anniversary Edition. I read GW 1936 rulebook and I found references to new units and countries, but I don’t find miniatures for all of them.

    How do you play? I mean, how do you represent spanish miniatures?  and any new unit (p.e. new land units)?

    I feel overwhelmed by so much information and I can not find the answer to my question. I would greatly appreciate your help.

    Thank you so much, and my apologies if this question is too basic and answered, but I didn’t find the anwer.

  • Hey mate,

    iam sending you a link within a list of all rules and list of extra units you need to play. For GW 36 u also need the new map.

    HGB´s site you can find 3D models or markes to represent this units you need.

    For example myself. I have the Globar War 1939 first edition from HGB and used the whole units from my Global War 1940 2nd Edition. I bought on HGB site all units in the right nation colour i need for my game.

  • thank you so much!

  • Yes indeed….HBG has lots of the stuff you need, if you decide you need things not on HBG site…get a list of things you need and I’ll tell you where to get them to fill up your checklist

  • '17

    Has a few ideas I used for this exact issue. I’ve changed a few things since with the chips colours. It was a bit overwhelming at first.

    Though over time I’ve started to buy or make some pieces to replace these chips from hbg. Occasionally they are out of stock on some stuff.  Some we used often and others we didn’t bother with. Torpedo boat destroyers for example were not worth it for us we just switched to destroyers for these at setup. For now….

    HBG says you can play with global40 oob pieces. But a few items are nice to have extra.

    Found it way cheaper to buy some units from hbg. The pieces from Pacific or Europe 40. Some are sold in a complete bag for a nation uk and usa most likely in stock. And spray paint any extra colours you want. Dutch orange, yellow comunist china and spain to augment the special units in the same colours i bought.

    If money isn’t an issue I’d say call or email the folks at HBG and get everything you need there. They know their stuff and can assist you with the pieces and options required. Have had lots of communication with them. They are very good at getting back to you and assisting with your orders!

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