Printing for global 1936 rules colour or black?

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    Wondering if anyone has an answer for this. Are the rule sets easily readable in black and white, or should I pay the extra to get it all coloured?

    10$ all setup charts, rules etc. Printed in black n white vs 40$ colour.

    Figured I’d get the setup charts in colour to match the pieces.
    But 60+ pages of instructions seems excessive. There are some coloured sharts showing different alliances in instructions are these an issue?

    Don’t have a printer at home so either way I’m paying for every page.

  • I would say go for B/W, but you can see the PDF before you print - so you’ll know yourself…

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    So its done. Printed rules and Netherlands expansion rules black. Ledge able easy to read. Cost about 7$ 11cents a page at staples.

    Colour for all nations setup and reference sheets, including Netherlands and Anzac. Exceptional readability every nation has a different coloured background and easy visualization to roundals and map colours. Cost about 16.50$ 39cents a page also staples.

    Thanks for input Munck! Happy I saved the money on the rules but worth the cost on the ref. Sheets really easy association with the map this way.

    Found the entire printout to have very small margins.  As a result holepunch is not recomended, you lose ability to read everything  (although I just realized you should be able to edit this pre printing). Bought a bunch of clear plastic sleeves (90) and (2) 1inch binders 10$ total, cheapest I could get. One binder for rules double sided in sleeves. Second binder setup/reference sheets, single sided all in sleves so they stay nice but easy for each player to have and reference if wanted this binder realy only for cleanup and storage.

    So finally all in cost was about $34 cheaper, waterproof and organized. Versus all coloured 40$ no waterproof and just loose sheets.

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    Attached pics japan player sheets and rules in binder.

    2016-08-21 11.00.22.jpg

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    Oops files to large

    2016-08-21 10.59.06.jpg

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