1942 Game in Progress

  • You can check out the game in progress on my Youtube channel….


  • 2019

    Nice video! Looking forward to more videos.  Did the allies get a bid?

  • Good video along with the turn 1 video in HJ’s thread. One thing I do have to comment on is there must be some horrible, horrible rolls for the Germans in turn 1. Getting Egypt in turn 1 is usually dicey so not getting it is possible, I tend to take Trans-Jordan to make blocking  the canal a sure thing. But not getting Karelia is a definate blow to the Axis, especially with the 2 Russian Fighters there waiting to be picked off. When I play as Germany I love it when Russia packs Karelia at the end of their turn with Tanks and especially their Fighters. At least the Axis got into the precious Russian Tanks though. Also Japan taking their SZ 37 fleet into a blocked Suez Canal was a move I never seen before, but might be deadly for them as it seems USA is going all out Pacific in this one. As it stands with USA looking to dominate the Pacific and UK having an Atlantic fleet at the end of turn 2 with no US help, looks like an Allied victory is almost certain.

    Good videos though, looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

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