Seeking Folks Interested in Collaboration on an A&A Variant

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    I’m looking for folks interested in collaborating on a project to create an Axis & Allies variant, based on the Hasbro rules, but incorporating a new map and various additions. This would be something in the spirit of HBG’s 1939 Global War product.

    Specifically, I am looking for at least two people. One person to help with rules development, and one person to develop the map, for which I presume we will want to use Photoshop.

    In terms of how this project might be different from G1940, 2nd ed:

    1. The new map will be larger than that published by HBG. The theme will be turning formerly minor powers into functionally playable nations that can add optional depth to the game by bringing more of the map into play (e.g., South America).

    2. New minor powers, developed in the context of an alternate history. Portugal is turned into a playable minor by the preservation of her Brazilian colony. The Dutch and Belgians are merged so that the Dutch are more robust. The Greeks have succeeded in achieving the Megali Idea in Anatolia. Argentina and Siam are elevated to playable minors by division into a larger number of territories.

    3. A new political system that allows players to attempt to influence neutral nations.

    4. A Fall 1938 start date, at which only Japan, China, and Russia are at war. The French move before Germany and can opt to reinforce their defenses or attack in an attempt to enforce the terms of Versailles. The Russians have also delivered an ultimatum to the Finns.

    5. A new combat odds system based on a d12.

    6. A selection of new unit types, including paratroopers, air transports, and interbellum units. In some cases, players will begin the game with “legacy” assets (e.g., older battleships) that they may not actually build in-game. Minor powers may purchase certain types of naval and air units from major powers, at a premium.

    7. Simultaneous turns, to speed gameplay.

    8. New National Objectives that reward players for achieving particular goals, apart from occupation of Victory Cities.

    9. New rules to address national defeat (e.g., activation of Vichy France).

    10. New core concepts, including a “naval combat search” that simulates the difficulty of locating enemy fleets, as well as optional supply rules. Carrier-based fighters may now scramble to support combat in adjacent map spaces.

    Please leave me a private message if interested.

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