• Hello guys.

    I really don�t know if this is the right place to post this topic.If it isn�t i apologize.

    What i want to ask is: the miniatures  in the Field Marshall acessories for A&A  website are to "extend our A&A boardgame or to use in that skirmish game based in A&A?

    I�m still in the trainning camp in this area eh eh :)

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    Hey man, welcome to the site!

    The Axis and Allies Miniatures are a stand alone game completely different form the board games. The game is stat card driven like most miniature games.

    As for incorporating the AA mini pieces into a board game, you could use the infantry scale wise but you’d need a lot of them. Most everything else would be too large but I’ve seen players try to come up with interesting ways and scenarios to use them.

  • Thanks for the answer. I didn´t explain well my doubt,because i reallized that i´ve posted in the wrong section but what i really want to know is if is possible to buy infantry tanks ships etc for the board game to all the Nations involved in the various versions of A&A board games?

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    Sure. The best online retailer for this sort of thing is Historical Board Gaming. go there and you will find every piece to almost every AA board game, even some Anniversary pieces. Of course, Ebay is a good way to acquire pieces as well.

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