Latest Axis & Allies Evolution is Good-to-Go

  • I purchased (2) 1939-1945 Starter Sets and (2) 1939-1945 Boosters for $58.00 form my local gaming store this past weekend. Over-all, I’m pleased with this release and think we’ll continue to play this fun game in our area for quite a while.

    My Pros:

    • Liked the new maps alot
    • Liked getting T-34, Cromwell and Sherman in starter set.

    My Cons:

    • Did not like the 13 point Pnzr Mk-III included in the starter set. Basically, you get (3) hard hitting Allied tanks and (1) not so hard hitting Axis tank.

    Undecided: the new 15mm vehicles have not made me shout out and say “what a great idea!” I was OK with the previous improperly scaled vehicles. I did get a 1994 Soviet heavy tank in one of my boosters and was shocked by how big it was. At least I now have vehicles for use in Flames of War should I decide to get into that level of WWII gaming!

  • I’m good with the new models (I guess).  I also picked up the same packages as you.

    New rule book doesn’t have all the expanded rules that came out last summer (like grazing fire etc).  Why not eh?  It would be so good to have all rules in one good colour book.

    Rule book still doesn’t include Canadian units on Allied lists.

    Booster sets didn’t include copies of all units in 39-45 release.  I thought marking them off was part of a collectibility sales gimick.

    Is there a list of old vehicle issues that can be considered 15mm?

    Otherwise I just don’t have time for my hobby these days.

  • Hey Audacity, maybe you should consider the “Play By Email” option for A&AM here on this forum. True, a 100 point game can take a week or two to play, but I enjoy the pace and the ability to do a well thought out turn in a day or two. Plus, its a great way to experiment with different force builds.

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