India and using factories in UK side of the board

  • If UK Europe falls and India wants to build a factory in Iraq, can the UK India player do that since the IPC dollars from Iraq would go to the European UK, which is currently under Axis control?

  • Good question.
    I don’t think ‘India’ can build an IC on the European map, because a facility needs to be placed in an area that is controlled by the Power that builds it and although Iraq is cotrolled by the UK, its IPCs go to ‘London’ (if it is alive), indicating that London controls Iraq rather than ‘the UK’.

  • Exactly LeClerc.

    Every British spending on the European half of the map (Axis 1940 Europe map -“Western India” +all Canadian provinces territories of the Axis 1940 Pacific map) is paid using money from the European economy only.


  • Not 100% acurate. Western India is counted towards the Pacific, India, side.

  • @Larrie:

    Not 100% acurate. Western India is counted towards the Pacific, India, side.

    As I mentioned above. “Axis 1940 Europe map - [[i]minus or without] “Western India” + [[i]plus or incl.] all Canadian provinces territories of the Axis 1940 Pacific map”  :-)

  • Interesting. That stinks if you’re the Indian player and you want to keep Germany from causing problems in the Middle East.

  • The UK and India should be the same player. Also, India is usually too weak to fight Japan, let alone the European Axis.

  • Well. Not in the game I’m currently playing. We play one night a week and do one turn. This game started in November.  India UK is going strong. Basically US player concentrated his main effort in the pacific. UK Europe has fallen twice to Germany. UK India is trying to help Russia by sending forces via Iraq. Hence the question on whether UK India can build a factory in Iraq. I know UK India can’t collect on the IPCs from Iraq. Since the U.S. Has concentrated on the pacific, Japan is almost neutralized.

  • Why not building a factory in western India (if you’re producing more than 10 Units in India)?
    Okay, it is far away from the Mediterranean by land, but with the help of a naval base it’s only one sea move to Cairo.

  • If the split board rule applies, he can’t build in W. India. That said, the Germans have a large navy in the Red Sea. Hence, the sea lanes are not under his control.

  • West India is controlled by India, so India can build a factory there.

  • You’re right. Just noticed the exception

  • So, if there is a powerfull axis fleet in the Red Sea (SZ81?) and Japan is no problem anymore, I assume ANZAC has an income of 20-30 IPC’s. So this means there are 3-5 Australian submarines each turn that can wreak havoc amongst the German ships. Not to mention the U.S. Navy…

  • The Aussies have lots of IPCs and even an operational aircraft carrier.

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