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    How is it 80% in 110?, if the UK scrambles, everything is a wash except for 2 subs with surprise strikes. Even if you have that kind of advantage, you’re looking at about 3 rounds minimum to finish them. If I were going to do what you are suggesting, I would sacrafice my battleship in 110 to be sure that I get out with my air units.

    Do the battle calculations yourself, I will come out with on average three planes while UK will lose everything. In both seazones I have 80% plus victory. I can afford to lose 3 planes knowing that UK has 3 less as well. And as I said, I don’t want to waste a perfectly good Battleship to ensure that England doesn’t Scramble. I would prefer them to sacrifice their planes.

    Odds calculations are all accurate and good, but all it takes is a angry dice god to decimate my entire air force (the back bone of German success) as early as G1. I may be wrong and your strategy for this new alpha+3.9 setup may become standard, but it makes me nervous at this stage.

    I agree with you that Germany can lose a sizable chunk of its air force early one, which at that points almost obligates a Sea-lion invasion. My personal preferred strategy is to wipe out England’s Navy while strengthening my own, and then moving my air force to help in Russia. This would be easier if England didn’t scramble, but if they did, then I will seize the opportunity and take London.

  • @KillOFzee:

    Seazone 110: 2 fighters from W Germany, 1 tac from W Germany, 1 tac and 2 strats from Germany and 2 subs

    I think I would scramble.  The odds of Germany winning that work out to 79.2% (dskelly), but more importantly the average losses to Germany come out at 49 IPCs.  That would be 2 subs plus 3 or 4 of the planes on average.  Plus don’t forget about the 1 in 5 times that all 6 planes are lost - that’s half the Luftwaffe and all the Bombers.  Like YG said, bad dice on the first turn and your game would be pretty well screwed.  I like the way you would attack z111 though.

    For z110 suppose you do what you said above but also roll out the battleship (perhaps with a new airbase to protect it).  With that the odds come out to 98.1% with the scramble, and average losses are 32 IPCs (2 subs, 1 fighter).  With no scramble (pretty likely) the odds are 100% and the average loss is 5IPCs (1 sub).  You don’t get to convoy raid or SBR but you really smoke the Royal Navy.  Now if Italy can just take Gibraltar the battleship can go down to z92 on round 2.

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    With the new setup, Italy can only do what the UK allows them to do, and with the pressure off sealion, it’s put squarely on Italy with the threat of an IC in Egypt UK1. Italy should have been given a tac bomber in northern Italy IMO.

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