• Not a formal review or anything…but, I have played all the versions of the board game.  That said, Revised seems the most fairly matched, evenly played, in my humble opinion.  I absolutely LOVED the way it progressed.

    Russia was an actual force for Germany.  Not easily defeated and actually had a very decent ability with aggression.  Very refreshing.

    The overall lack of a good German navy created real issues that if not addressed early will haunt that player later in the game.

    Britain was faced with an early decision (factory in India OR pound Germany).  This was sort of normal…

    America, similar to Britain, was fairly normal.

    I guess the overall thought was that there wasn’t an overall clear winner after the first turn.  It seems like most of the versions I have played seem more like prolonging the inevitable after the opening sequence.  This one still had lots of possibilities and until the 5th or 6th round were still “anybody’s game”.

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    I agree with you! It happened regularly that one had a good round or two and everything seemed to swap one way, while one turn later the balance shifted by one unforseen event. This could happen one or two times before one was getting really stronger than the other.

    That is one of the fun things in the game to me.

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    Russia’s abilities in AAR seem to have been a mistake (IMHO) by the creator.  Back in the day, I had some pretty neat games where the United States mostly ignored Europe while Russia beat the ever livvin snot out of the Germans virtually single handedly. (You did need the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy to generate threat and reinforce of course.)

    Talk to me about the Russian triple one day.  I am not on that computer or I would repost it…won more games with that then any other version of Axis and Allies ever!

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