• Greetings All,

    I am a newbie and have gone through most of the forum posts over the past few days. Let me start by saying thanks to all who answer the questions so there is a lot of info to read. I am a FMF Navy Corpsman who has been playing since teen years in early 90s. I started with 1st Edition and bought Revised several years ago to play with my sons. I recently pulled it out to teach my nephews who are ten and fourteen.

    Game modifications we made to make it easier and faster:

    Inf moves two, arm three, all ships move four, eliminated art, added heavy tanks instead of rockets on WD. We changed cost of inf, trn, sub + AAA to 1: arm, fgt, des to 2, bmb, AC, BB, and IC to 3. We switched bomber and transport defense to two and transport attack to one. �

    They took Allies and I took Axis. I used Jpn to set up a sea blockade using SZ 60, Phil (sz49), and continued around to India through EIND and Borneo (sz48) with an IC on Borneo and Kwan. Jpn currently has gone in NOVO and KAZA.

    I had Germany take SZ 2 and form a blockade with sz 6,7,8, + 12 to ward off attacks to WEUR. I killed UK with Sealion attack supported by heavy bombers and long range aircraft. � We are into round six with Russia surrounded and German naval forces ready to attack ECAN or EUS from UK with minimal opposition.

    Looking for thoughts, suggestions, ideas?

  • Those modifications completely change the game. Specifically, bombers with a 2 cost are so good that every country should make an all bomber buy and Russia, UK, and USA  will produce no IPC from round 2 forward. The game will be determined by whether Japan or us gets hit by SBR. Very likely Japan through bury.

    While we are going with game modifications, why not make all units free with unlimited movement and 6 attack and defense? That would make things most simple.

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